NORMI Letter of Clearance/Documentation
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 NORMI Letter of Clearance/Documentation

This program is designed specifically for HOMEOWNERS or PROPERTY OWNERS who choose to do any or all of the work themselves.  You may utilize the services of a professional (recommended) but it will not affect the value of this document.  This document verifies that the following work has been completed in accordance with the clearance requirements.

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Step 1.  To Purchase the NLOC Package and move forward in the process, click on Submit below after completing the information at the top of this page.  

 Included in the Package:

Coverletter, Protocol and Checklist

One (1) Pint of BacShield

One (1) Mold Screening Kit (for surfaces)

One (1) Copy of Mold Free Construction paperback


Optional Items (may be additional fee):

One (1)  General MM1E "The Moisture Seeker" Pinned Moisture Meter (if you don’t have one) $39.95 USD

One (1) Mold Test Kit (1 Room + Outside) from MyMoldDetective™ for air sampling $59.95 + Lab Fees

Please Bookmark this page.  You will need to return here for Step 2, "The NLOC Application", after you receive your Lab Sample Results. You will also need your NORMI Project ID# which you will receive in an email after you submit this page.

Step 2.  After purchasing the NLOC Package, CLICK HERE  
Step 3.  When you’ve completed the PSP Booklet (that is included in the NLOC Package), CLICK HERE to submit information for an IAQ Report