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To submit an account to NPL CREDIT RECOVERY, please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible.  In the event you have a large volume of accounts to list with us, please contact our office directly, to discuss an alternative method for submitting your accounts. 

TOLL FREE: 1-855-979-1533 

NPL CREDIT RECOVERY is a licensed / bonded Debt Collection & Bailiff agency, we receive our licensure from Consumer Protection British Columbia. 
NPL CREDIT RECOVERY, is a subsidiary of NPL Group of Companies.



Retail Accounts (Consumer)  30 %
Commercial Accounts (Businesses)                25 %
All Accounts under $300.00 or over 1 year past due 50 %
Account Withdrawals 10 %
Judgments         33.3 %

I/We agree that NPL Credit Recovery may retain or deduct the above commission rates and taxes on all claims or accounts collected whether settled through direct payment or through NPL CREDIT RECOVERY office. This includes all payments made partial or in full or settled through legal action initiated by NPL Credit Recovery. All payments made on debts submitted to NPL Credit Recovery for collection after the date below, shall be deemed collected by NPL Credit Recovery and shall incur the commission rate stated above.

a) The client agrees to only list accounts with NPL Credit Recovery which are legitimately and owing, and which have not been previously paid to the Client, or sent to the Agency in error. The client further understands, that accounts places in error, having caused the Agency to expend time, energy and money, are subject to the agreed upon collection rate.

b) NPL Credit Recovery will not commence legal action on any accounts without the specific written consent of the Client. Court awarded judgements listed with NPL Credit Recovery, may be forwarded to a 3rd party agency for enforcement.

c) The Client agrees to report immediately to NPL Credit Recovery of any accounts paid directly to the Client, on accounts assigned to NPL Credit Recovery for collection, and further agrees that NPL Credit Recovery, full right to charge full commission on these payments. Merchandise returned, accepted by the client is considered the same as payment.

d) The Client agrees to pay any debit balance with NPL Credit Recovery upon receipt of NPL Credit Recovery statement. A late payment charge equal to 3 % per month will be assessed on overdue balances 30 days from the statement date.

e) The Client agrees that NPL Credit Recovery has power of attorney to endorse all cheques, postal notes, and money orders received by NPL Credit Recovery, made payable to the Client on all accounts listed with NPL Credit Recovery for collection.

f) No account may be closed where payment arrangements have been negotiated by NPL Credit Recovery. No account may be closed when legal proceedings have been initiated by NPL Credit Recovery. These accounts may not be closed without full commission being paid on any outstanding balance, cancellation must be provided in writing.

g) NPL Credit Recovery does not conduct skip-tracing for place of employment, place of bank, or place of residence in order to collect a debt, however NPL Credit Recovery subsidiary National People Locator, does provide skip-tracing services. If your file requires a skip-trace, you may request that we forward your file to our skip-tracing agency or another skiptracing agency of your choosing. Please note such requests must be done so in writing, and a separate client contract will be requested.

h) In the event the Client provides NPL Credit Recovery, authority to initiate a litigation proceeding, the Client agrees to pay all fees and disbursements associated with litigation, such as court filing fees, and document service fees. The Client understands that NPL Credit Recovery, cannot ask the debtor to pay these fees unless a judge awards such fees, in a court proceeding.

i) The Client understands that NPL Credit Recovery, may act as agent in a court proceeding that is under Small Claims Court Jurisdiction, however any collection accounts with an amount outside the scope of small claims must be litigated by legal representation, and NPL Credit Recovery may refer the Client to appropriate legal representation, however it is the client's responsibility to acquire their own legal representation.

j) All payments received by NPL Credit Recovery, in relation to accounts listed by the client for collection, will be deposited into a Trust Account within 5 days of receipt of the funds, and will remit the funds within 30 days of the end of the month to which it was collected to the Client if the amount is $100.00 or more, and within 60 days, of the end of the month to which it was collected to the Client if it is $100.00 or less. In the event NPL Credit Recovery does not have up to date contact information for the Client,  NPL Credit Recovery, will remit the payment back to the debtor within 60 days. In the event NPL Credit Recovery cannot locate the debtor, NPL Credit Recovery, will remit the full payment to the administrator within 7 days at the end of the time period. 

k) The Client warrants that all Accounts placed with NPL Credit Recovery are valid enforceable debts and are not disputed, or subject to defense, offset, set off, counterclaim or bankruptcy proceedings, unless otherwise disclosed in writing to the agency by the Creditor. The Creditor shall be liable and shall indemnify, defend and save NPL Credit Recovery, and its agents harmless from and against any and all suits, actions, claims and demands, costs, actual damages, expenses and attorney fees incurred in connection with any account that is disputed by the debtor or alleged to be subject to any defense, offset, set off, counterclaim or bankruptcy proceedings. 

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* Please ensure to only list an account that are legitimate debts owed to you. Please try to fill in as much information as possible pertaining to this debt, which will assist us in collecting it for you. 

Please note all information submitted on this form is protected under the Freedom of Informaton & Privacy Act. 
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Client Supporting Documents Area

This is where you can upload supporting documents pertaining to this account being listed. For example:

  1.  Judgements from a Court
  2.  Service Agreements / Contracts
  3.  Copy of Payment History (listing all payments made)
  4.  Monetary Orders
  5.  Copies of the Debtors Identification
  6.  Any other relative documentation such as notes from your internal system, of previous collection action on your behalf to collect this account.

By submitting this form below, I / We consent to receiving emails from NPL Credit Recovery, for purposes of communications in relation to my account.
The person submitting this account for collections has the authority or has received permission from a person who has the authority to enter into this contract and be bound by the terms and conditions.  This contract applies to all accounts currently listed and or will be submitted by this Creditor at later dates.

Bad Debts are listed with the credit bureaus. If you DO NOT wish them reported please inform us when you list the account for collections.

NOTE: The Credit Bureaus do not accept debts that are $100.00 or less. All files listed on the bureaus, are updated upon payment or settlement by NPL Credit Recovery. Request for removal for any other reason will be liable for 10 % (of the dollar amount listed) per file service fee.