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Cancellation Policy

We employ an industry standard cancellation policy. Please read the following carefully, email or call the office with any questions before booking. We highly advise you look at 'trip insurance' to possibly safeguard your trip if you have to cancel or reschedule your booking.

  • All deposits are non-refundable except for weather-related cancellations made by FMG. Your guide will decide if inclement weather at your climbing location necessitates cancellation. We DO NOT cancel climbs for inclement weather that prevents you from traveling. We highly recommend travel insurance to protect you in that case.
  • Full payment for all bookings except summer camps and bookings outside of North Carolina is due 30 days prior to the booking date. You will be charged in full if you cancel or reschedule your booking within this time period. 
  • Full payment for summer camps, bookings outside North Carolina, and military programs is due 90 days in advance of the booking start date. You will be charged in full if you cancel or reschedule your booking within this time period. 
  • All gift certificates and credits expire one year from the date issued. 
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